A photo of Vancouver family photographer, Julie Row.


When I look back on photos from my own childhood, my favourites are always the candid ones. The one of my dad taking 5-year old me down a slide on his lap, with tears of fear rolling down my face. The one where my mom is planting a big kiss on my cheek while squishing me with her embrace. Or even the one of me getting scolded for not getting along with my younger brother. You know, everyday life stuff, moments most people would pass over as mundane. Today, I see it in small things like my husband playing chess with my oldest son or my littlest playing quietly by himself in a corner of our messy living room. Years from now, I believe that these simple, everyday moments are the ones that you’ll want to remember and look back on in a photograph.


Once you’ve had a look around my website, the next step is to email me with possible dates and any questions you may have. A session retainer will be due at the time of booking to reserve your date and time and we’ll go from there.


Since my approach to photography is natural and candid, I encourage my clients to dress in whatever makes them feel comfortable. There is no pressure to wear matching outfits or go shopping for new clothes. My goal is to capture your family life as is, whether that be in your Sunday jammies at home or your everyday go-to outfit at your family’s favourite park. The only thing I tell you to avoid are big logos or branding on your clothes.


We’ll work together to decide on a location special to you and your family and spend up to 1.5 hours hanging out on our session date, all while I capture fun family moments for you. I look forward to hearing from you!

Photo above by Jess On Photography.