Alicia C. | Vancouver Portrait Photographer

When I first posted about my new photography venture on Facebook, Alicia was one of the first to reach out and inquire about my services (thank you, A!). She asked if I would be interested in taking some portraits for her that she could use professionally and of course I jumped at the chance. We first met through mutual friends years ago and I’ve always remembered her as a sweet and smart young lady, not to mention gorgeous. We share the same love for food and travel, and this is totally random and she probably doesn’t remember, but I have this memory of sharing salsa and bulgogi recipes with her. Which kind of blows my mind because these days, I can barely remember what I did 2 hours ago.

After rescheduling a few times due to weather we finally met up on a beautiful evening last week. Alicia is so easy-going, she made my job a breeze. We caught up, we laughed, she even subjected herself to a visit with my crazy kids after the photoshoot.  Who knew a Thursday night could be so fun?

Professional headshot photo.Professional headshot photo.Professional headshot photography in Vancouver.

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