A night at the Quay with the D Family | Vancouver Family Photographer

A few weekends back I got a chance to revisit one of my old stomping grounds, New Westminster. About a decade ago my husband and I traded in our Yaletown condo for a change of pace and bigger space in the then up-and-coming area of original downtown New West. Our time spent here is significant to me for a number of reasons. It’s where we made big life decisions like adopting our cat (yea, it’s a big deal for some!), having our first kid and selling off everything we owned to travel for six months. I also think back to the collective elation, and let’s be real, heartbreak, that was brought on by the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics and the 2011 Stanley Cup run. Big moments that will forever define my early thirties. But one of my favourite parts about living here was being closer to many of my girlfriends. As a mom, especially a new mom when feelings of isolation and anxiety are real things, being close to a support network of girlfriends and fellow moms can make all the difference. And I was lucky enough to have a handful of these ladies to call on, including my dear friend T. We were pregnant at the same time and had our first babies within weeks of each other which made meeting up for playdates that first year all the more easier. And now, those same babies are turning SEVEN and each have a younger brother following them around. This is crazy to me.

Currently, I call Vancouver home again and enjoy all of the perks that come with big city living, but the waterfront at New West could give False Creek a run for its money. There’s a new boardwalk that runs along the Fraser River with great little playgrounds and even a cafe for families to enjoy. And of course the long-standing quay which locals refer to as River Market now, is seemingly more busy than how I remember it, as trendy new restaurants and coffee shops open their storefronts to the quaint water view across the way.

Thanks T, for bringing me back here and reminding me of the good old days, ha! It was a perfect night of strolling and catching up over coffee and ice cream with one of my favourite families. xx

A night at the quay from Julie Row on Vimeo.


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