Breakfast with the Y Family | Vancouver Family Photographer

You may remember this family from last fall. They were expecting their third little one and we celebrated with the sweetest tea party on the beach. Well, just a few months ago they welcomed baby girl Esmé and I had the privilege of spending part of a Sunday morning with them in April. If you’re a parent you know that lazy Sunday sleep-ins are a thing of the past. Add a newborn to the mix and chances are things get a little chaotic, but the Y family was cool as a cucumber and breezed through their morning routine with grace, like it ain’t no thing.

I was amazed at how Angela and Ben manage it all. Quality time with their two older girls at breakfast and then a delicate balance act between all three once Esmé wakes up. And as expected, Esmé is adored. She woke without a fuss that morning and naturally everyone made their way to greet her with good mornings, hugs, and kisses.

It’s not easy and can be overwhelming adding newborn rhythms to established routines, but this family, in between the feedings, getting dressed, and all the other little things that go into getting a young family out the door, showed me that if you face it with gratitude and a little sense of humour, the “busyness” and noise of the day’s expectations take a back seat to togetherness instead.

Breakfast with the Y Family from Julie Row on Vimeo.

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