Deer Lake Park with the K Family | Vancouver Family Photographer

Six. The number of boys we were herding around the day I met Amanda. My girlfriend Tricia, Amanda and I all met up at Maplewood Farm with our kids for a playdate last year. Turns out we each have two boys and you would think a playdate with all six would be stressful but amazingly it sort of wasn’t. What?? Maybe it’s because the kids were distracted with the animals or with each other but we all managed to leave the farm without any major scrapes or meltdowns. I also left thinking Amanda was a super chill mom and a genuinely sweet lady, not to mention I also have a soft spot for boy moms so photographing her family was a total bonus.

The K family was a fun bunch to shoot. They were comfortable in front of the camera and even brought along some cute glasses to inject some silliness into our session. We walked all around Deer Lake Park while chatting about parenting, kids’ bedtimes, and favourite HBO shows. Hello, is anyone watching Westworld?

And hey! I tried something new and put together a slideshow for this one. Something I’ll be incorporating into my packages in the new year so stay tuned!

But for now, I leave you with the sweet K family. Make sure to watch in HD with the sound on. Oh, and I’m still waiting for our date, Z! 😉

Kelloway Family Slideshow from Julie Row on Vimeo.

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